Best Grilled Corns Ever

Sometimes the easiest recipe simply makes the best thing. These grilled corns, in my opinion, is the best thing of a Summer cookout, and only three ingredients are needed: corns on the cobs, margarine, and hot sauce. I like them spicy, so I always use a lot of hot sauce, but you can adjust the spiciness by reducing the amount of hot sauce to your taste. You can use any hot sauce, but my absolute favorite is this ABC Extra Hot Chili Sauce

Umm, a little warning: Have some dental floss ready when making these! :P


1. Rub margarine and hot sauce on the surface of the corns (that have been peeled and rinsed) and coat evenly.
2. Grill for a total cooking time of 30 minutes, rotating it every 10 minutes to allow for even heating.
3. Let stand for a few minutes before serving.

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