Beef Rendang with Yellow Rice

Rendang is a popular, authentic Indonesian cuisine, which has also been a big influence in Malaysian, Singapore, and Thai cuisines. It is often described as a curry but the authentic rendang is, in my opinion, much more flavorful than a curry. I think it is best served with Yellow rice (rice cooked with turmeric, coconut milk, coriander, and lemon grass). More things you can serve it with: shredded omelets, sliced cucumbers, fried onions, and hot sauce (optional).

I have trouble finding the ingredients to make rendang in the US, but I'm glad to see a packaged Rendang seasoning at the local Asian grocery. They also carry a package seasoning for Yellow rice, which makes it even more easier for me.

The key to making a good beef rendang is slow cooking or simmering, making the beef extra tender and more tasty. If you love spicy food, you can also add jalapeno peppers while cooking the rendang.

I once brought this Beef rendang with yellow rice to a potluck, where noone had ever had rendang before, and everyone raved!

Here are the package seasonings I got, may a photo will help you find them easier. I always spend too much time at the Asian grocery since not everything is labeled in English.

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