Christmas Cupcakes

See my Chocolate Cupcake Recipe


- Fruit Rollups (red, blue, or any color)
- Large marshmallows
- Pretzel sticks
- Blue crystal sugar
- 1 jar Fluffy White frosting
- Red and Green M&M's
- chocolate sprinkle


To assemble the snowman:
1. Cut a large marshmallow in half
2. Take one whole large marshmallow and place the marshmallow half on top of it (use the sticky side from the cutting to attach the two marshmallows)
3. Cut a red fruit rollup into a small square piece and fold it to make a triangle (for the nose)
4. Take 5 pieces of chocolate sprinkles, use two for the eyes and three for the buttons
5. Cut colorful fruit rollups to make the scarves and place it around the snowman's neck
6. Break a pretzel stick in half and attach them on each side of the body to make the arms
7. Frost the cooked cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkle with blue crystal sugar
8. Place the snowmen on top of the cupcakes

For the wreath:
Simply arrange red and green M&Ms as shown in picture

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